"Nobody made a greater
mistake than he who
did nothing because
he could only do
a little."

-Edmund Burke

Tax Advantages

The Marshall Community Foundation successfully meets the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations administered by the Council on Foundations in Washington D.C. National Standards represents the highest measure of accountability and transparency in philanthropy.

Tax advantages when gifting the Foundation

The Marshall Community Foundation qualifies as a public charity under the IRS code.  Therefore, your contribution, in most cases, will qualify as a charitable deduction for federal tax purposes.

Your gift(s) to the Foundation will be promptly acknowledged with a confirmation letter indicating potential tax deductions.  Actual tax related savings may vary, depending upon your income level and tax bracket.  We suggest that you consult your tax advisor regarding the tax deductibility of your gift and retain this acknowledgement letter with your tax records.

The Marshall Community Foundation will be pleased to share additional information with you or your advisors. We want to make sure you receive maximum benefits for yourself and your charitable interest(s).  

We thank you for choosing to make a gift through your Community Foundation which helps assure a better future for all of us.




     the simplest way

     to make a

     big difference.

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