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Types of Funds

The Marshall Community Foundation successfully meets the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations administered by the Council on Foundations in Washington D.C. National Standards represents the highest measure of accountability and transparency in philanthropy.

Types of Funds

An Endowment Fund is permanent. The initial investment that created the fund, along with the gifts that are added over the years, will always be at the Foundation to generate income meeting future needs.  The Foundation Funds support programs and organizations as diverse as the interests of the donors establishing them. 

A Non-Endowed Fund is established by organizations or donors to address community projects or needs that are short-term holdings with 100 percent of the principal available for granting.

Unrestricted Funds

Unrestricted Funds enable the Foundation to direct grants to meet our community’s ever-changing needs, which often cannot be anticipated at the time your gift is made. The Foundation Staff and Board evaluate all aspects of community well-being- art and culture, economic development, education, environment, health and human services, and more.  The flexibility of your unrestricted gift enables the Foundation to respond to our community's most pressing needs, today and tomorrow.


Field of Interest Funds

Field of Interest Funds enable you to target needs in an important area of community life, such as human services, youth, education, health or the environment.  When establishing a Field of Interest Fund, a donor identifies personal interest areas, and grants are awarded to community agencies and programs that are making a difference in that area.  Field of Interest Funds can be Endowed or Non Endowed.


    Donor Designated and Agency Funds

    Donor Designated Funds enable you to support the work or programs of a specific agency.  Designated Funds can be established by organizations and/or their supporters to build their endowment or as a non endowed fund to meet their immediate needs.  


      Donor Advised Funds

      Donor Advised Funds enable you to have ongoing involvement in the use of your gift by allowing you to make recommendations for grants to charitable organizations that address the community needs you care most about.  Recommendations for Donor Advised grants must be approved by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.


        Scholarship Funds

        Scholarship Funds enable you to invest in our community’s future by helping students achieve their academic and career-oriented goals from preschool to postgraduate work.  Scholarship Funds can be either Endowed or Non-endowed and provide educational grants or awards to help students achieve their education and career goals in accordance with guidelines set by the donor who established them.  


          Project Funds

          Project Funds are Non-endowed charitable funds that provide an opportunity for the Foundation to offer service and leadership within the community.  These funds established by individuals or organizations address community projects or needs and may vary in size, activity level and longevity. 





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